Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber teases 'extraordinary' auditions for Superstar

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Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber has revealed how both men and woman have been travelling from all over the world to audition for the part of Jesus for his new reality series Superstar.

The show, which will air on ITV1 later this year, will follow the hunt for a star singer and actor to play the lead role in an Arena revival of Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar musical.

Auditions for the show are currently underway in locations across the UK and Ireland, including Dublin, London, Glasgow and Manchester.

Speaking on Daybreak, Lloyd Webber revealed: "We had a boy in from New Zealand, a boy from Israel. We had somebody come in from Lithuania. I mean, it was extraordinary where people are coming from.

"I think we've had 3,000 people in to audition for the role, including a few girls – one was very, very good, really terrific."

Asked what he was looking for in the hopefuls, the composer added: "Obviously the man's got to be a rock tenor... and we are going out to the arenas, so it's got to be somebody who's got the charisma to really hold 80,000 people."

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