Strictly Come Dancing: Len Goodman admits he was scared of Nancy Dell'Olio!

Nancy Dell’Olio (Strictly Come Dancing 2011)

Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman has admitted that he was originally scared of Nancy Dell'Olio!

Len, currently taking part in the Strictly Come Dancing live tour, told The Sun how the lawyer shocked him at the start of the series last year.

He said: "I was scared of Nancy to start with, but when you talk to her she's good as gold.

"Her dancing isn't any better, though — we see her same routine over and over. But it's so much fun."

Meanwhile, Len also insisted that the regular arguments between the judges over the dancers are very much real.

"As much as we enjoy the fun of the show, we're all dance teachers or judges who have come from different worlds of dance so you look at it through the eyes of your experience," he explains. "Craig and Bruno are choreographers — Craig is from the stage world, Bruno does videos — so we look at different aspects.

"I'm looking and I'm thinking the technique isn't good and Craig will say something about 'how fantastic it was, darling'.

"We all wind each other up a bit. But we have such fun and we're all friends."

Len will be back to judge Strictly Come Dancing in the autumn.

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