Lulu slams Strictly Come Dancing for pairing her with tall Brendan Cole!

LuLuA 'baffled' Lulu has criticised Strictly Come Dancing producers for partnering her with Brendan Cole, who is a foot taller than her.

The Shout singer, who became the latest celebrity to be eliminated from the show yesterday, is 5ft 1in, while Brendan measures in at a comparatively lofty 6ft 1in.

She told The Sun: "It's difficult for a person with long legs to dance ballroom with a person with short legs. Ideally the top of the woman's head should be midway up the man's forehead.

"But my eyes looked into Brendan's chest. It was very hard spinning around the dancefloor with someone who is 6ft tall — it was difficult to keep up with him."

Lulu's thoughts were echoed by Edwina Currie's former partner Vincent Simone, who is 5ft 7in. She added: "If you spoke to a professional dancer, they'd probably say the ideal thing is for you to be a similar height. Vincent thought he and I would have been perfect together."

Meanwhile, although she praised it for being a 'very special experience', Lulu also revealed how her time on the show affected her body. She said: "There's not an inch of you that doesn't move. I had bruised ribs and my knees are all bruised.

"My feet would throb in the night and wake me up the whole time."

Strictly Come Dancing 2011 continues on Saturday at 6.55pm on BBC One.