Strictly Come Dancing: Robbie Savage rubbishes 'crotch grab' complaints

Robbie Savage (Strictly Come Dancing 2011)

Strictly Come Dancing's Robbie Savage has hit out at the 267 people who complained about this 'crotch grab' during Saturday night's show. The 37-year-old footie star incorporated the iconic MJ move into his routine as he performed to the singer's hit track 'Bad' during the Halloween special.

But some people felt the move was inappropriate for a family show, but Robbie took to twitter to complain about their complaints!

"So some people thought it was inappropriate to do a Michael Jackson move at 7pm on a sat night to one of his songs ! Why ?" he asked. "Seriously what is the world coming to when on an entertainment show people complain about a famous MJ move which my 5 year old loves doing !"

He added: "seems I upset 267 people out of 11-5 million on sat night with MJ moves!just seems some people have it in for me, nothing new there then !

"It was just a Michael Jackson move,well still going to enjoy myself have fun because I'm having time of my life 267 people won't put me off!"

A spokesperson said: "Robbie danced a paso doble to Michael Jackson's Bad. The choreography emulated some of Michael's famous dance moves and no offence was intended."

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