Strictly Come Dancing: Russell Grant won't quit despite knee injury

Russell Grant (Strictly Come Dancing 2011)

Russell Grant went all out on Saturday night during Strictly Come Dancing, so much so that he's injured his knee! But despite having to spend time in hospital after his Tango, the celebrity astrologer has vowed to continue with the competition.

Russell's knee had given way during rehearsals at the weekend, and he was only just able to make the live show, where he received 24 out of 40 points.

Writing on Facebook, he explained: "I have a suspected torn cartilage so I have to go for an MRI scan. But I am encouraged that my old Middlesex friend Phil Tufnell had something similar when on Strictly. He continued on after a small op.

"I make this promise to all of you, who have given me so much support and loyalty, I am not giving up. As you know I have said on many occasions since I began SCD, that my challenging astrological map told me my health would be an issue and advised against me doing the show.

"But how could I refuse such a once-in-a-lifetime offer to live my dream and find my bliss? Astrology is not prediction but gives advice and the individual has the final choice."

He added: "I chose to do Strictly and it has been the best time of my life for so many reasons... Strictly has made my life worth living again and remember just a few years back I had no life and was at my lowest ebb."

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