Strictly Come Dancing: Lulu now finds Brendan Cole a "sweetheart"


Strictly Come Dancing celeb Lulu has confessed she's finally gotten to know professional partner Brendan Cole, and now thinks he's adorable! The Scottish singer confessed to being scared about dancing with him at first after they were put together on last month's launch show.

“I’d heard that he was really tough and a really hard teacher,” she told the Sunday Mirror. “I was scared of getting him. Couple that with the fact he’s so much taller than me and he was the last person I wanted.”

Brendan added: “I don’t know whether it’s the BBC and the way they have portrayed me, but I really think she thought I was going to be the worst teacher in the world. I’m actually quite a nice guy. Having said that, I know why they paired us up, they thought, ‘Let’s get a couple of firecrackers, put them ­together, see what happens’.”

But now, five weeks into the competition, Lulu confesses: "He’s an absolute sweetheart really. He’s ­adorable."