Strictly Come Dancing: Was Nancy Dell'Olio's first dance sabotaged?!

Nancy Dell’Olio (Strictly Come Dancing 2011)

Strictly come Dancing contestant Nancy Dell’Olio apparently fears her first performance on the show last weekend was sabotaged! According to the Daily Mirror, an unknown assailant had damaged her dress just before the live show, leaving the lawyer in tears.

Nancy performed her first dance on Saturday night, but ended up tripping over her feather boa during the performance.

A supposed 'studio insider' told the newspaper: “The dress was hanging with all the others on the communal rail outside the dressing room area. After having her make-up done Nancy went to collect it and saw it had had water chucked all over it. It was drenched.

“Also the hem had been altered, it was fraying. Nancy was stunned. She was asking ‘Whodunnit?’ but no one had any answers. It was pretty strange.

“The wardrobe department tidied up the worst of the damage but it disarmed Nancy. She felt it badly hampered her dance.”

The source added that Nancy "broke down in tears" over the incident, which left with only 12 points out of 40 from the judges.

A spokesperson for Nancy commented: “Nancy was left extremely shaken but realised the show must go on.”

Now, which of the other contestants would do something like that to Nancy...?

PIC: Copright BBC

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