Strictly Come Dancing 2011: Lulu 'horrified' after being paired with Brendan Cole

LulLu (Strictly Come Dancing 2011)

Strictly Come Dancing 2011 star Lulu is reportedly truly 'horrified' after being paired with professional dancer Brendan Cole on the show. Lulu recoiled in shock after the announcement was made on Saturday night's launch show, but insiders say the reaction was far from just being for the cameras.

She said "I was in shock. I want to stay in the show as long as I can because I want to learn to dance. I am good for a few moves but I am not a dancer."

A source insisted that the petite singer didn't want Brendan as a partner.

They told The Sun today: "She'd been telling people — including Brendan — at rehearsals that she really didn't want him. Brendan has a reputation for being really strict with dance partners and a hard task-master."

The insider added: "She wanted someone who'd be softer with her — and had set her sights on Pasha."

But Brendan was more optimistic, saying: "Once we get over the initial shock, I'm sure it will be fine."

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