ITV's Dance, Dance, Dance will be "cooler" than Strictly Come Dancing, apparently

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance will be "cooler" than Strictly Come Dancing.

The new all star dancing show will launch on ITV tonight.


A line up of celebs and judges have been confirmed - including BGT's Diversity dancer Ashley Banjo - while former Strictly judge Alesha Dixon is hosting alongside Will Best.

Dance, Dance, Dance judge Ashley has already been keen to play down the obvious comparisons to Strictly Come Dancing, and now Will has insisted there's no real contest between the two shows.

He said: "They're working with absolutely top choreographers, training incredibly hard, and pulling out some of the most phenomenal dance routines I think we've ever seen on TV… We've had the judges crying because the dancing has been so good!


"I knew going into it that they'd chosen the celebs because they knew they were going to be good, but I don't think anyone predicted how good. So I say it's slightly camp, but actually, it's kind of cool. It's a lot cooler than your Strictlys and some of those other shows."

Speaking to DigitalSpy ahead of the launch of Dance, Dance, Dance tonight, Will went on to say that the ITV series would only focus on quality performances.

He said of Ed Balls' style novelty acts: "That stuff's nice and funny, but Strictly's obviously a longer show - there are a lot more episodes, whereas this is just six. And I would personally rather see somebody go out there and smash it.


"I don't want the judges saying, 'Oh well, you tried your best'. I want them saying, 'Ten out of ten, you danced as well as Michael Jackson'."

Dance, Dance, Dance airs at 6:30PM on ITV tonight.