Strictly's Oti Mabuse left covered in bruises by Danny Mac's dodgy dancing


Danny Mac's dodgy dancing has left Oti Mabuse covered in bruises on Strictly Come Dancing 2016.

Having had to dismiss claims he's ;already a pro dancer', it turns out that Danny really isn't quite THAT good just yet.

"He's not a professional!" Oti declared this week.

"He doesn't know what he's doing to that level, and that's all part of the learning process," said the Strictly professional. "He makes mistakes.

"It's nothing he's doing intentionally - he's not beating me or anything like that!

"It happens with all the pros - male and female, most of us have bruises; it's part of the gig. It's the price we pay for taking risks with choreography."

Oti went on to admit that the Hollyoaks hunk always felt guilty above hurting her.

"He's got such a good heart, and doesn't want to hurt me, so of course [he feels guilty] when it does happen. He's worried about me," she said.

And Oti added: "Danny works so hard, he gives everything he has and all his time goes into it."

Tonight will see the pair heading into the Strictly Come Dancing final as the favourites to win, but whether or not they can lift the glitter ball remains to be seen.

Whatever happens, Oti is keen to return as a pro for another year in 2017.

"I'd very much like to be back , and I hope to get another good partner who I enjoy spending time with."

The remaining three couples will return to the dancefloor in the Strictly Come Dancing 2016 final tonight on Saturday 17th December at 6:40PM.

There is NO results show, either tonight or tomorrow, with the winner revealed straight after the performances.