Noel Gallagher turned down Strictly Come Dancing offer


Noel Gallagher has revealed he turned down an offer from Strictly Come Dancing bosses.

And he wasn't too impressed about being asked.

Speaking on BBC Radio 6's Steve Lamacq’s festive show this week, Noel said (vi NME): “It was just when Oasis split up and I didn’t do anything for like a couple of years. There’s obviously someone there going ‘You know what. He’ll be up for it now. He’ll be desperate now.’

"My manager called me up, saying I don’t really want to, legally, I have to inform you of this. Are you aware of Strictly Come Dancing?’ ‘”EEE”, the phone goes’.”

It's not just Strictly that the BBC have tried to get the rocker on either.

Gallagher revealed: “I was asked to go on Top Gear a lot and they would never ever seem to realise what I was saying when I say ‘But I can’t drive.’ ‘Don’t worry about that, Jeremy will sort that out.’

"It’s like, ‘How? I can’t drive. I haven’t got a licence I cannot drive a car’. ‘Don’t worry about that, The Stig will teach you.’”

The remaining four couples on this year's line up will return to the dancefloor in the semi final of the competition on Saturday 10th December at 6:50PM.

Then on Sunday 11th December at 7.20pm on BBC One one more celebrity will leave the competition in the latest results show.

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