Judge Rinder reveals Strictly Come Dancing's 'paralysing terror'


Judge Rinder has revealed he's suffering 'paralysing terror' on Strictly Come Dancing.

It turns out those facial expressions are perhaps a cover of Rinder's major stage fright he gets on the BBC One series.

In a new interview this week, Rinder explained: "Learning new dances is amazing.

"I love dance... The paralysing terror of performing each Saturday. It's not was I expected"

Speaking about pro partner Oksana Platero, Rinder continued: "The poor darling, there's not much she can do.

"I've tried everything. It doesn't get an easier as the weeks go on. She's tough but brilliant.

"Like all the best teachers, she requires discipline and has high expectations. When you have those you can achieve anything."

While Rinder fears hitting the dance room every weekend, he insisted he has no worries about facing the Strictly judges themselves.

"I don't mind being judged by anybody, it comes with experience - and to varying degrees of pantomime, they do," he said.

And despite the terror, Judge Rinder is loving every second of his Strictly experience.

He told star magazine: "I love it! It would be really bad form if I didn't - it would be like turning up to a dinner party and saying you'll only eat chips!

"The whole thing is a big glittery spectacle. You have to go in with gusto."

The remaining eight couples will take to the dancefloor tonight when Strictly Come Dancing returns on Saturday 12th November at 6:55pm.

The latest Strictly results show is on Sunday 13th November at 7.15pm on BBC One.

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