Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Daisy Lowe is hoping to WIN the glitterball trophy!


Daisy Lowe wants to win Strictly Come Dancing 2016 after bouncing back from the bottom two.

The model was in the dance off two weeks running but was over the moon to escape the danger zone last Sunday night.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast show, Daisy revealed the first appearance in the dance off left her feeling "heartbroken".

She said: "I think the first time being in the bottom two made me really upset and I feel like I was heartbroken the whole week.

"Then the second time it happened it made me think, 'No, I do deserve to still be [in the competition] and I am going to keep dancing, I really love it and I am really going to try and stay this time.'"

Now a confident Daisy is eyeing up the glitterball trophy in next month's final.

She gushed: "I would love to win. It would be a dream come true, I know that the competition is high and I know that everyone loves everyone and wants to win the competition but I would love for people to pick up the phone and vote for me."

However there may be one thing getting in Daisy's way: Daisy herself.

"I'm really clumsy," she confessed. "I'm always dropping things and I'm quite dizzy and forgetful."

She added: "I'm trying my best, you know what I think it's the most joyful thing you can do with your body is dancing and you know, I love music and it's very special.

"I felt like I have learned so much more than what I thought I would've learned, it's not just the dancing, I'm learning to have a bit of self-confidence because I'm quite rubbish at that."

Strictly Come Dancing 2016 continues this Saturday and Sunday night on BBC One.

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