Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Daisy Lowe left 'terrified' backstage


Daisy Lowe has admitted to being 'terrified' backstage on Strictly Come Dancing 2016.

The model has confessed that she suffers from terrible stage fright and that saying yes to Strictly was a HUGE risk for her.

"I thought I'd love to do Strictly - but without the cameras," Daisy explained. "I get really bad stage fright and very nervous. If I had to present an award at a show I would literally come off the stage shaking.

"But when I was asked, I thought I should just go for it. It's definitely the most terrifying thing I've put my nervous system through."

Daisy added: "It's just the pressure and everybody is so good. I want to make Aljaz proud and I've never done anything like it."

Earlier this week Daisy revealed we almost had another dance off controversy last weekend.

For the second week in a row, Daisy was in the bottom two and revealed she initially felt she couldn't do the routine again.

In Sunday's results show we saw Daisy visibly panicking after being announced as in the dance off again.

"I had just turned to Aljaz and said 'I don't think I can do that dance again'," Daisy spilled on It Takes Two.

Of course we know they did eventually perform again and Daisy was all the better for it.

"I was really pleased I got an opportunity do it better because I felt I hadn't done it as well as I could have and I really went for it," she said.

Strictly Come Dancing 2016 airs Saturday night at 6:55PM on BBC One.

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