Strictly Come Dancing is making Claudia Fragapane LESS fit

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Claudia Fragapane says that Strictly Come Dancing is actually making her less fit.

While many celebs on the show praise the toned bodies and weight loss Strictly tends to provide, that's not the case for Claudia.

The Olympic gymnast says she's losing her six pack and muscle and she's not too happy about it.

“I’m not as muscly as I was at the Olympics, or as toned," Claudia explained at the weekend.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "when I put on a dress I’m not so bulky in the arms. I prefer having a six-pack because that’s the figure I’ve known since I was six.”

Disappearing six pack aside, Claudia is loving her time on the show, especially the outfits.

“I’ve missed out on parties in my teens but every time I put on an outfit it’s like a party outfit," the champion athlete confessed.

She revealed: “I’ve never really got dressed up before and it’s lovely to have different make-up looks. I’m definitely letting my hair down.”

And Claudia admitted she wasn't worried about taking to the dance floor in revealing costumes, adding: "“As a gymnast we’re half-naked all the time. Your bum is out, you’re on display.

“Showing a bit of leg on Strictly is fine. I don’t mind being bulky – it shows who I am and how hard I’ve worked to get that body.”

Meanwhile, despite topping the scoreboard at the weekend, Claudia wasn't entirely confident about her changes in the competition.

“There are so many great dancers," she said. “Ed Balls tries really hard. I look at Danny Mac , Louise and Ore in rehearsals and I just think, ‘Wow’.

“I want to do well – but most of all I’m just enjoying having fun.”

Strictly airs Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

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