Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Laura Whitmore upset after being 'banned from dancing the Jive'

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Laura Whitmore has admitted she's upset after being banned from performing her jive on Strictly Come Dancing.

The TV presenter had been due to dance the routine last Saturday but was ruled out due to injury.

Now Strictly bosses have told her she will not be allowed to perform the dance on the show as it would be unfair to the other contestants.

"Because I already know the jive routine I can't dance it this weekend as it would give me an unfair advantage over the other contestants" Laura explained.

She confessed: "To be honest that's what I'm most upset about. It's Gio's favourite dance and the one I said from the start I wanted to learn.

"And now I won't get to perform it."

Writing for Glamour magazine, Laura told her fans: "I've ALWAYS wanted to learn the jive. It's fast, it's fun and it just looks awesome. And my mother can jive.

"It's kind of a Whitmore tradition, jiving at weddings. Only I never learned as I didn't grow up in the era of show-bands, so I usually sit that one out and watch my aunties and uncles burn the dancefloor."

Instead of the jive, Laura will be dancing the Tango this week... all things going to plan.

She said: "I've had almost five days off my feet and the swelling has reduced, but the fear is, if it's not fully recovered it could get inflamed again.

"We have a lot to catch up on but I'm not ready to throw the towel in just yet. It's too much fun (yes despite the wonky ankles, tears and stress it's the best show to be part of!)"

Strictly Come Dancing is back on Saturday night on BBC One from 6:45PM.

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