Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Greg Rutherford will strip off for votes

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Strictly Come Dancing's Greg Rutherford has said he'll get his 'bits and bobs out' if it helps him get votes.

However the Olympian has so far not been in the bottom two, and so will probably be keeping his clothes on for now.

Speaking about taking part in the show this week, Greg enthused: "It's incredible! It's harder work than I expected. When I came into it, I was like 'I'll be fine, I've trained for the Olympics.

"But it's so much more taxing and tiring on the body than I ever thought it would be."

The long jump champion said he's fully embraced the Strictly experience, including the tight sequinned outfits.

"I said coming into it that I'm not worried about what I wear because, fundamentally, when I'm competing I wear a vest and a short pair of lycras," he explained.

But what about wearing even less than that?

Greg admitted about going topless on the show: "I'm not in as good shape as I was at the Olympics so that's a bit of a concern.

"I imagine it will come out - it seems to be something people are contemplating on my behalf."

He confessed: "I said Ideally I wouldn't have bits and bobs on show, but the first two outfits were slightly revealing.

"As I'm getting more desperate and votes are going down, we'll see more coming out."

Strictly Come Dancing 2016 airs live tonight at 6:30PM on BBC One.

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