Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Judge Rinder drops Oksana Platero on her HEAD in training


Strictly Come Dancing's Judge Rinder has revealed a nasty accident in training.

Chatting on It Takes Two tonight, he told how he dropped pro partner Oksana Platero on her HEAD in rehearsals.

The pair danced a Flintstones themed Charleston for Movie night last Saturday and there were some dodgy moments.

But Judge Rinder explained it was because of the mishap that occurred just hours earlier.


He said of the live show: "It was definitely fun, I loved that routine I just wish we had a chance to have another go at it. It was out weakest run. We loved it and wanted to give it a good go. We had a few crash and wallops over the past few runs."

Judge Rinder revealed how he had dropped Oksana in one of their rehearsals, forcing them to change the routine at the last minute.

"I'm grateful it didn't happen on the actual shows!" Oksana said. "We had to change the trick. We had accident but I realised that could have happened. Everybody was okay, it could have been worse."

Oksana added: "I was just shocked more than anything.

Judge Rinder let slip: "I dropped her on her head, and she said 'okay, let's carry on!'"

Oksana then admitted: "I was never dropped before in my life so..."

"It was a first for both of us," Rinder quipped.

Rinder confessed that the scores were "fair" after they "missed out some of the dancing".

"If they had to gone to rehearsal they'd have scored us more," Rinder claimed, before adding he was just happy that Oksana was actually still alive.

Judge Rinder strictly

This week Judge Rinder and Oksana will be dancing the Viennese Waltz to 'Shout' by Lulu

"I love this dance. I have genuinely have the best teacher," said Rinder.

Strictly Come Dancing airs this Saturday night on BBC One from 6:30PM.

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