Strictly Come Dancing's Daisy Lowe has got a boob problem

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Daisy Lowe has revealed the impact Strictly Come Dancing has had on her body.

The already practically perfect looking model has told how she's shed the pounds thanks to dancing hours each day.

And most of it seems to have come off her boobs.

Daisy, who avoided the bottom two on Sunday night, told the Daily Star newspaper: "My weight yo-yos so much. It always has. Now I'm trimmer because I have been dancing for about four hours a day. But I love food.

"Some models look miserable on some shows. They look like they've really denied themselves.

"I have gone against the grain a little bit and been someone who always as a little bit of a chunk on me."

The raven haired beauty went on to open up about her fluctuating weight, recalling to the tabloid: "It was my first heartache. I am now 10 stone, and I went down to eight and a bit. I was tiny. My cup size went down to AA. My Legs were like pins. I just looked wrong."

Meanwhile, in a chat to the Sunday People newspaper, Daisy said she hoped to encourage others to have a positive body image while on Strictly.

"One of the reasons I did Strictly was to help others feel good about their bodies," Daisy explained “Every day we’re shown images about the perfect body and what it should be – but we just have the ones that we live in.

"We don’t have a choice in the matter. We are going to get older, it’s inevitable. And I think there is so much being thrown at us."

Strictly returns to BBC One next Saturday and Sunday night.

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