Strictly Come Dancing stars accused of 'cheating' over extra rehearsals

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Some of the Strictly Come Dancing contestants have been accused of 'cheating'.

The weekend saw the first live shows of the series which were, as usual, split over Friday and Saturday night.

But there have been claims that the celebs on Saturday's line up were able to sneak in extra rehearsals after Friday's show despite a 'ban' on doing so to make things fair.

The Sun newspaper reports that Ed Balls was one of the stars who took to the dance floor after last Friday night's filming had finished to practice for his dance on Saturday.

“This year is so competitive that they’re already claiming that some are being unfair and getting an advantage," a source told the tabloid

They explained: “Ed was straight on the floor after the cameras stopped rolling to go through his moves before he performed his waltz on Saturday.

“Athletes talk about small gains and little advantages so they weren’t happy it was a level playing field. They’re not supposed to do it, but producers aren’t that strict.”

While there was no elimination this week, the judges did mark all the couples and those scores will be carried forward to next weekend where they'll help decide the bottom two dancers.

However even if Ed did bend the rules, it didn't seem to help much as he was left bottom of the weekend's leaderboard with just 21 marks from the judges.

Looks like he'll need a few more sneaky extra rehearsals before the weekend...

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One Saturday night.

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