Strictly's Melvin Odoom hits back at 'fix' claims over his 'secret dance past'

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Melvin Odoom has hit back at Strictly Come Dancing 'fix' claims.

The former Xtra Factor host was accused of 'hiding a secret dance past'.

But he says it's a load of fuss about nothing.

Melvin explained: "It's funny! I used to do street dance years ago and we never covered it up - it's something that I told the team when we first got there. Anyone that speaks to me, I'm quite happy to talk about it because I loved doing it and it was kind of my way to give back after university because I used to work for a project in East London."

He said of his 'dance experience': "Even though I was teaching kids, it wasn't like I was Justin Timberlake or anything! It was just random routines that anyone could probably put together. It was just my way of connecting with young people there, because I didn't have any other skills."

Even if Melvin was any good at street dance, he says it wouldn't be a help on Strictly.

The Kiss FM DJ told DigitalSpy this week: "Ballroom and Latin is completely different. There's so much to learn and there's a lot going on with your feet and your arms, the way you stand, your posture, your chest has to be a certain way. And with street dance, none of that is important - you just have to define your moves and remember a routine.

"Now there's a lot going on and then also you have a partner - anything that I've ever done before has just been me looking after myself, working out my own moves. But now I have to take into account [my professional partner] Janette and where she's going to be standing and where she's going to be landing and whether I have to spin her. There's a lot to do."

Insisting he had no advantage whatsoever, Melvin concluded: "There's a lot to learn. It literally feels like I'm starting from scratch."

Strictly Come Dancing 2016 returns next Friday and Saturday night on BBC One for its first live shows of the series.

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