Danny Mac turned down Strictly Come Dancing in the past

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Danny Mac has revealed he turned down Strictly Come Dancing before.

The soap star has confessed to being "so scared" of dropping his character and going in front of cameras as himself.

Although now he's taking the plunge, Danny is embracing all of Strictly Come Dancing has to offer.

Very much ALL of it...

He said this week: “I turned this down before because I was so scared of being myself on TV and then I embraced it and part of embracing it was saying to the costume people ‘you guys know what you’re doing.’

"I also said ‘please don’t let me be the guy that wears the stuff that nobody else will’ but now I am.”

And the result has been some VERY revealing outfits already, even if we've not yet started the live shows.

However Danny doesn't think that dancing with fewer clothes will help his chances.

He told BT's TV section: “I don’t think just taking your clothes off will help you in this competition, you have to prove it in the dancing. It doesn’t matter who you are if you can’t perform and improve.

“I like working hard and getting tough love but want to have a laugh and not take myself too seriously. I know it’s going to be tough.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2016 returns next Friday and Saturday night on BBC One for its first live shows of the series.

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