Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Will Danny Mac be the first to get his shirt off?

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Strictly Come Dancing starts tonight on BBC One but who will be the first to get their kit off on the dancefloor?

Danny Mac is the favourite, but he insists not by choice!

He explained: "I did the really silly thing. I'm so terrified of being myself on telly on anything. It took me years to agree to do this show, and then I finally embraced it, so I had to embrace the costumes as well. And that was something people were always reminding me about and laughing about.

"And I walked in and I was like, 'You know what, I'm not going to be that guy - I'm going to embrace the entire experience'. So I stupidly said in wardrobe, when they were like, 'Is there anything you don't want to wear?', I went, 'You know what - whatever you think is best'."

And the result has already been a VERY revealing launch night outfit.

But Danny shouldn't worry as Greg Rutherford is set to join him.

The Oympic Long Jumper said: "Originally I said, 'No body out, please, I just want to be covered up, a bit more modest' because every photoshoot for everything else I do, I have no top on.

"And then poor Danny was the only guy with his chest out tonight and they were like, 'Greg, you're in'. So they stripped me off today and this is what I'm in now. I'm just going with the flow."

Meanwhile, over in the girls' camp, Louise Redknapp is keen to play it "quite conservative" with her outfits.

"I'm a bit older… I think there is a bit of a fine line," she told DigitalSpy. "I think you've still got to go out there real to yourself and I do have a child that's older and I'd hate to go out there feeling stupid and it all wobbling around. And I'm respectful of [my husband] Jamie."

Strictly Come Dancing starts tonight at 6:50PM on BBC One.

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