Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Louise Redknapp can't wait to perform again

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Strictly Come Dancing 2016 contestant Louise Redknapp says she can't wait to start performing again.

The singer is best known for her time in 90s girl group Eternal and her subsequent solo career which ran until 2003.

However since then, Louise's focus has been on her family and so she's loving that Strictly will give her the chance to hit the stage once more.

She said: I think just having the opportunity to perform again [is exciting]. When you've grown up as a performer and you've been in the music industry and you've played at Wembley and you've done concerts everywhere, it's all about performing

"When all of the sudden that's taken away from you there's quite a big void of something you love to do and you don't quite get the same buzz of performing in the lounge in front of your kids!

"I think just getting back out there and having the opportunity to perform to music is what I'm most looking forward to."

Speaking at the Strictly studio ahead of Saturday's show (via DS), Louise went on to say she wanted pro performer who would work her hard but also help her with nerves.

She explained: "I'm really hard-working and I'm not a 'let's all mess around' type person. I'm a mum, I've got my husband at home, I'll want to go and get on with the job in hand and I'll want to learn want I need to do and I'll do it to the best of my ability.

"I also know nerves can really get the better of me and I'll think it will be my biggest downfall. On performance night I just know my poor dancer will just have to stop me from shaking the whole way through!"

Strictly Come Dancing starts this Saturday night on BBC One at 6:50PM.

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