Emma Willis wants to take part in Strictly Come Dancing... but not Big Brother

Emma Willis

Emma Willis has revealed she'd love to take part in Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking ahead of her return as host of Big Brother on Channel 5 next week, Emma admitted Strictly was the one show she's always wanted to take part in.

Emma ruled out appearing her own Big Brother, suggesting it wouldn't live up to her expectations.

"They always say never meet your idols and as much as I am completely in love with Big Brother I think if I did it, it couldn’t possibly ever live up to the expectation of what I hope it would be," she said.

Emma continued: "I would definitely love to do Strictly.

"The problem is I can’t dance but the thought of forcing myself to learn how to dance and going through the process would be a great experience."

And the new mum revealed: "Like everyone else I love a bit of Bake Off too."

Meanwhile, asked how long she would last in the Big Brother house, Emma suggested she'd be an early evictee and probably be seen as boring.

"I would be a bit reserved and quiet," Emma explained, "But I think that if I wasn’t voted out immediately, I would probably end up being the maternal one in the house, looking after everyone and doing all the cooking. I am quite a feeder!"

Big Brother 2016 launches next Tuesday at 9PM, June 7, on Channel 5.

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