Strictly's Jeremy Vine says he's taking it all VERY seriously

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Jeremy Vine has hit back at the haters, insisting that he's not messing around on Strictly Come Dancing.

In a video response posted on Facebook to comments made about his appearance on the BBC One show, Jeremy defended his place in the show.

And he vowed not to quit if he does continue to stay in the competition like fellow BBC broadcaster John Sergeant.

Jeremy said: "I've got two responses to that which I wanted to say because I think it's quite important, and one of them is that I promise that I am taking this seriously and not doing it for comedic purposes."

He explained: "I can think of some competitors in the past who have just done it for a laugh and I know, I'm well aware, that during my dances there has been laughter but it's not been something that I have sought. I've really wanted to dance well, so I'm trying to get some technique.

"I always say that [my professional partner] Karen [Clifton] started dancing when she was eight and I started dancing on August 8, so it's not easy, but I'm trying."

The Radio 2 host went on to reveal that he didn't want to "give up" and planned to continue in the competition for his two daughters.

"I'm feeling like what I want them to see is that until the very last moment in the contest, until I'm voted out, I will always work at getting better," he said. "I'll always try. I'll always be back in the gym.

"I'm about to go and see Karen now. Sometimes, eight, nine hours a day. I'll always, always work. And the fact that I'm not the best is not a reason to give up and that's true of so much of life. Just because you can't win doesn't mean you stop working."

Strictly is back this Saturday night with its annual Halloween special where Jeremy and Karen are doing a Salsa to Thriller by Michael Jackson.

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