Strictly Come Dancing's Jamelia is "so embarrassed" by her tears

scd jamelia - 1

Jamelia has admitted she feels "embarrassed" after crying on Strictly Come Dancing over her, err, HIGH scores.

At the weekend the popstar scored her best marks yet to finish second the leaderboard after the Tango, leading to another emotional reaction.

"I need to get my emotions under wraps, it's so embarrassing, I keep crying!" Jamelia said.

She continued: "All I was thinking was that we, well I, just need to work hard, work hard and you get the results. I did not ever expect those results I was just like 'WHAT?!'"

Jamelia thanked pro partner Tristan MacManus - who celebrated his best score on Strictly since joining last series - saying: "He's a fantastic confident boost he always tells me you can do this and doesn't allow me to beat myself up, I feel like I've ended up with the best one!"

The pair however have already come down from the high of last weekend as they look to this Saturday where they will be dancing the Foxtrot to Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me.

"We started rehearsals yesterday, we're back in rehearsal made again," Jamelia said.

"I love a foxtrot," Tristan enthused. "It's just a really cool dance, one of those ballrooms where you can do very little but very effective."

"It's so complicated!" declared Jamelia. "It's like a swan underneath the water but elegant on top. It's a beautiful looking dance but it's very hard work."

Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday and Sunday night on BBC One.