Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Jamelia CRIED after being in the bottom two

jamelia and Tristan MacManus (SCD)

Jamelia has revealed she was left in tears after Sunday's Strictly Come Dancing saw her in the dance off.

The popstar had to perform again with pro partner Tristan MacManus before being unanimously saved by the judges ahead of Iwan Thomas and Ola Jordan.

"I did cry a few times," Jamelia confessed. "It's so embarrassing for number one!

"It was shocking then you realise you have to compete against someone you really like, it's a lot of emotions."

Jamelia's pro partner Tristan actually felt being in dance off was a good thing, pointing out that the couple had an extra chance to perform.

"Tristan said to me if this is your last dance, make it your best dance ever," Jamelia recalled.

She admitted: "Being in the bottom two is a real kick up the bum, must try harder, must do harder.... you work so hard and it feels as if you haven't got what you deserved. You feel like 'I worked so hard and I'm in the bottom two!" so I guess it's about working even harder now."

Tristan agreed: 'I think everyone needs motivation and I think for us that's what we needed. I thought the first week didn't go the way we wanted it to, the second week didn't go the way we wanted it to but it was better."

This weekend the pair are dancing the Salsa and it's left Jamelia in "absolute angry".

She said: "It is just such hard work. You watch people doing these dances and you think "I can do that!' but you get into rehearsals..."

The Loose Women panelist added that she was focused on improving her technique to impress the judges.

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Strictly airs this Saturday and Sunday on BBC One.