Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Jamelia GUTTED over her first scores

jamelia scd

Jamelia has admitted to be totally gutted after her first outing on Strictly Come Dancing.

She scored a total of 21 points for her waltz on Saturday evening to put her right in the middle of the leaderboard.

"I really, really enjoyed it, I loved being on the floor... I hated getting judged it was horrible, I hated it," Jamelia said today. "It's just a very surreal experience, you practice practice practice and then it just becomes real.

"The first time I felt I'm actually on Strictly Come Dancing was on Saturday, on the dance floor."

The Loose Women panelist continued when quizzed about the lukewarm response from the judges: "I'm not going to be gracious and pretend, I was gutted.

"I just... the thing is when we did the dance I thought that it went really well then and it was like 'You messed up there and there' but watching it back I totally agree with what the judges said."

Pro partner Tristan MacManus encouraged: "We have quite a relaxed rehearsal room, we're having a good time, she's great, she's super."

This weekend it's the cha cha for the pair and Jamelia is working hard to impress the judges.

She said: "I am quite excited, again, the main thing I've got to work on is the footwork when it comes to the hips I think I'm alright but the footwork was mentioned last week."

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Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday and Sunday night on BBC One as the first elimination takes place.