Strictly Come Dancing's Kellie Bright gets some dubious tips from Matt Di Angelo

Kellie Bright & Kevin Clifton

Kellie Bright has been getting some tips from her EastEnders co-stars ahead of this weekend's Strictly Come Dancing.

Kellie and pro partner Kevin Clifton were the first out during the weekend's opening live show and perhaps bizarrely, Kellie was more than happy to start off the new series.

"I was quite glad to get it out of the way, I really enjoyed it, I would've been nervous whenever I'd gone, if i had to wait I'd have just got more nervous," Kellie explained.

Kevin added: "She was just brilliant, having to open the entire series is so much pressure, I was terrified!

"But Kellie went out there and gave it everything she had. We were buzzing."

This week the pair are dancing the cha cha and Kellie revealed she has received some dubious tips from her co-stars who have previously taken part in the show.

"Matt Di Angelo basically said to me, just don't forget your routine and sit on the stage," she said, referring to Matt's 2007 Foxtrot that left him on his bum. "When he was telling me it made feel sick," Kellie added.

"Yeah, please don't do that!" said Kevin.

Kellie went on to gush about her Strictly experience to date: "Dancing on Strictly really is a dream come true, there's nothing like it, the atmosphere is so charged, it's so amazing, I feel really lucky."

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Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday and Sunday night on BBC One as the first elimination takes place.