Strictly Come Dancing 2015: What would it take to get Leigh Francis on the dancefloor?

keith lemon

We shouldn't expect to be seeing Leigh Francis on Strictly Come Dancing any time soon.

In a rare out of character appearance, the comic - known for his role as Keith Lemon on shows such as Celebrity Juice - said he'd "never ever" take part in the show.

Well, almost never ever.

There is one situation in which Leigh confessed he'd consider signing up, explaining: 'Unless my career goes really wrong, I fall off a building, lose my legs, and then learn how to use my legs again...

"If I lost my legs and got them back I probably would do Strictly."

Arguably stranger things have happened...

Leigh went on to insist that he wasn't slagging off the show but complained that it'd be too much "hard work".

He added at the TRIC awards this week: "I'm not judging anyone else who does it, but one of my friends did it and she said it was really hard work."

Strictly's back on BBC One later this year.

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