Strictly Come Dancing 2014: All about Frankie Bridge's sex ban

Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge has a Strictly Come Dancing sex ban, and you'll probably never guess why.

The Saturdays star has found herself having to forgo fun with her husband thanks to Strictly's fake tan.

The singer has been having to wear special pyjamas to avoid covering her bed in brown stains, and it's meant there's no chance of any nooky.

She said: "I’ve got special tanning pyjamas, long-sleeved ones, you know it’s not on when she puts them on! Roll over babe."

Caroline Flack revealed she learned the hard way: "My bed this morning was disgusting, this big brown stain."

Meanwhile, singer Pixie Lott has revealed how she reckons the so-called Strictly curse only effects weak relationships.

She claimed that those who break up because of the show never really had a chance anyway.

“It is very intimate and you are spending a lot of time together. But if you’re confident in your relationship then nothing is going to happen," she declared this weekend. “There would have to be something wrong with your relationship in the first place for you to get with your dance partner.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about her boyfriend, Pixie added: “He isn’t jealous at all. He’s got no reason to be. He met my dance partner Trent and they got on really well.”

Strictly continues tonight on BBC One from 7PM.

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