Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Thom Evans, Iveta Lukosiute romance?!

Iveta and Thom

Iveta Lukosiute has admitted to having a big crush on her Strictly Come Dancing 2014 celeb partner Thom Evans.

Although we reckon it'd be more surprising if she didn't fancy him, even a little!

Iveta has been gushing about the rugby star turned former model, who previously dated Kelly Brook.

“I did find him attractive to start with," Iveta confessed. “I liked his personality more than his looks. He’s a great guy.

“Do we have a good connection? Yes we do. Do we get along? Yes we do.”

She raved: "Thom has a great body. He has the looks, he has the body. He has the potential but he has a beautiful personality.

"And what impresses me is that he is not vain at all. He never looks in the mirror."

But it seems that Iveta may be planning on keeping Thom's body all to herself!

"I have seen Thom with his top off and he has been modelling a lot [but] I don't think I am going to use his body to get the votes," she insisted.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Iveta went on to say she was sure she got the "best" celeb and was happy to be paired with him over her rival pro dancers.

"Everybody wanted Thom and I got him. And the more I get to know him, the feeling is even stronger that he is the best one. Tom is the guy I wanted right from the start," she said.

Meanwhile, The Sun reports that Thom has become "smitten" with Latvia and even lined up a first date for the pair.

A pal told the newspaper: “He is completely smitten. We didn’t think Iveta would be his type but he had a huge crush on her from the get-go.

“He’s joked that he used to be a boobs man but Iveta has turned him into a legs and bum man in weeks.

Strictly returns to BBC One next Friday night.

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