Is the Strictly Come Dancing curse real? Stats reveal all!

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The Strictly Come Dancing curse supposedly struck again recently, but is there any truth to it?

Casualty actress Sunetra Sarker's split from her husband is the latest marriage breakdown to be blamed on the show.

Which seems rather ridiculous when the pair actually went their separate ways back in 2013...

But while Sunetra's split being part of the Strictly curse is just tabloid fodder, there have definitely been some relationships ruined by the show.

This year former Strictly contestant Countdown star Rachel Riley ditched her husband and started dating her former pro partner Pasha Kovalev.

Is there a curse? John Moriarty, a maths lecturer at Manchester University, has crunched the numbers.

There have been 150 celebs who have each had a pro partner, giving 300 so-called 'person years'.

Using the average divorce rate from censuses of 0.3% means we'd expect to have seen less than one (0.9) splits.

Given there have been a number more than that, it would point to a curse.

But that's not the full story as it turns out that when you look at the divorce rate based on occupation there is an interesting twist.

It so happens that the divorce rate of actors, showman, dancers and choreographers is notably higher than the average person, quite higher in fact at 2.6%.

The updated percentage means we'd expect to see just under EIGHT (7.8) splits, an amount of breakups which is very hard to attribute Strictly to.

So in conclusion, there appears to be no Strictly curse but rather just a curse of celebrity marriages in general.

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