Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Ola Jordan and Karen Hauer in backstage fight!

Ola Jordan (Strictly Come Dancing)

There was a backstage bust up on Strictly Come Dancing 2013 last week between the show's pro dancers.

Strictly performers Ola Jordan and Karen Hauer found themselves in a fight after Karen apparently branded professional Ola a "rubbish dancer".

Karen told her during rehearsals for the pro performance: “It’s why you’re in the back row!”

Ola's husband and fellow Strictly pro James Jordan also got involved, with Pasha Kovalev holding Karen back to stop the row escalating.

“The dancers were on a break from rehearsing and Ola’s husband had popped out of the studio to get some fresh air when Karen approached Ola and began saying nasty things," a source claimed. “She told her she was a rubbish dancer and that was why she was always put at the back of the stage, even though that’s not true.

“Ola doesn’t know if it’s jealousy or what but it was horrible. It was a totally unprovoked verbal attack and Ola was very, very upset and felt she was being bullied."

According to the Daily Mirror, Ola considering quitting the series following the argument, but stayed for her celebrity partner Ashley Taylor-Dawson.

“On Tuesday she was in two minds over whether or not to continue her training with Ashley," the source explained. “She felt she needed to leave, that she had to walk.

“Ola said to us, ‘I can’t let him [Ashley] down, I have to carry on, it isn’t fair on him, it just isn’t fair.’”

A spokesperson for Ola commented: “On Monday 28th October, Karen Hauer verbally attacked Ola during group pro training.

“Ola did continue with her training as she couldn’t let her partner Ashley, or the show down.

“The BBC handled the matter and Karen has now apologised to Ola.”

And a spokesperson for Strictly Come Dancing confirmed: “Regrettably there was an argument between professional dancers Karen Hauer and Ola Jordan on Monday.

“But the matter has been resolved and apologies accepted by all parties.

“Karen has apologised to Ola for the incident, agreed to put it behind them and they continue to work together in the group dances.”

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