Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Natalie Gumede mortified after breaking dance partner's nose!

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing's Natalie Gumede has admitted she was left mortified after breaking her dance partner's nose.

Artem Chigvintsev was left in pain during last week's latest live show after Natalie knocked his nose during the final dress rehearsals on Saturday afternoon.

"We only get to try dancing once in our costumes before the live show, which is of course at the dress rehearsal," Natalie recalled. "My outfit for the samba had a long tail of ruffles, which was fine whilst standing still, but as soon I was on the dance floor I realised how heavy it was, as in every turn it carried on spinning way after I had stopped.

"Stepping out of a double turn, the weight of the offending ruffles threw me off balance and I fell into Artem's line of fire, and his poor old conk was the casualty. The only thing was, I hadn't noticed I had done anything, so when he failed to come and help me off the floor after the dance finished, I thought him rather ungentlemanly for a second until when he came over I noticed blood on his shirt."

Writing in her blog for Yahoo! OMG, Natalie continued to explain: "Artem played down how bad he felt, but after he had disappeared for good twenty mins from the dress run, I realised something more serious was wrong, and I found him in his dressing room with the medic in a rather dazed state.

"There had been a question mark for several hours over whether he would appear in the professional dancers' group number that evening as he was feeling so dizzy that lifting Janette may have been dangerous, but Artem was determined and even through feeling terrible, he was ever the pro and supportive of me. Mortified wasn't the word!"

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Strictly continues this Saturday night on BBC One with Halloween week from 6:30PM.

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