Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Bruce Forsyth hopes to be back hosting

Tess and Bruce

Sir Bruce Forsyth has said he hopes to back for Strictly Come Dancing 2013.

The telly host has been fronting the BBC One series since the beginning, but has been taking on an ever lighter work load.

Last year even saw Sir Brucie take a weekend off, as well as not hosting Sunday's pre-recorded results shows.

Speaking on This Morning, Sir Bruce dismissed speculation that this year would be the one that sees him reties.

"I think we’ll come to another arrangement about it, yes. I’m sure we will," he said.

But the 85-year-old admitted he will probably need to take even longer off.

“I might limit it if it’s possible. Because it is a long show and […] live," he added.

Sir Bruce also insisted that he's never guaranteed to return to the show, having to sign a new deal every year, laughing: “I’m too old for people to sign up.

“How can you sign up somebody who’s 85? I mean they might stuff it mightn’t they?

“Anything could happen!”

This week saw Sir Bruce hit back at the criticism he got on last year's show, saying that live slip ups happen to everyone.

“It’s the way they talk about the Autocue, as well. How many newsreaders do you see every morning making a little slip-up?” he told the Radio Times. “If anybody is doing anything live, it’s going to happen but, of course, with it being me, and being 85, they call me a silly old fool. Any excuse.”

Strictly Come Dancing airs on BBC One this autumn.

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