Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Bruce Forsyth hits back at haters

Sir Bruce and Tess

Sir Bruce Forsyth has suggested he will continue to host Strictly Come Dancing, despite the haters!

Sir Brucie has been fronting the show for the past decade, but some fans of the BBC One series want him gone.

Viewers hit out at the 85-year-old last year for a series of mistakes, mishaps and 'crazy' actions on air.

But Sir Bruce has no plans to let his critics get to him.

"I got criticised last year because at the end of the final, when people started rushing on to the dance floor, I got rid of them," he explained this week. “I just said, ‘Do I have to do everything?’ which I thought was a bit of fun but people said, ‘Why was he going so crazy?’

“I did it because I didn’t want to spoil Louis and Flavia’s final moment — they did that wonderful lift from Dirty Dancing and well, you couldn’t do that with all these people pushing in and getting their faces back on TV.

“And the year before last they said I had forgotten to announce the band but it was a decision I made with the producer.

“We got a retraction but it does drive me mad."

With over 70 years in the business, it's little surprise to hear that Sir Bruce has a thick skin when it comes to criticism, but he told the Radio Times he hates it being put down to his age.

“It’s the way they talk about the Autocue, as well. How many newsreaders do you see every morning making a little slip-up?" he went on. “If anybody is doing anything live, it’s going to happen but, of course, with it being me, and being 85, they call me a silly old fool. Any excuse.”

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