Strictly Come Dancing results: Louis Smith celebrates with all nighter!

Louis Smith (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 winner Louis Smith spent last night celebrating his win on the show, out until 5:30AM!

Louis and his pro partner Flavia Cacace triumphed last night, winning the show in the Strictly Come Dancing 2012 final results.

Speaking to The Sun after the show, Louis said: “I can’t wait to have a drink.

“I’ve been on a diet these last two weeks. I was on no carbs in the evening, only white meat or fish, only couscous and meat in the afternoon and porridge and fruit in the morning. I’ve been teetotal.

“I just didn’t want to have a bit of stuff hanging over the edge of those tight trousers.”

And Louis said his Strictly win beat his Olympic medals!

He said: “I’m going to keep the glitterball on the top of my fireplace in my new house that’s being built. Right in the middle. I’ll stick the medals in a drawer.”

The hunky gymnast explained" “They’re so different. I worked 19 years for the Olympic Games — it was something I worked for my whole life, but this right now has overtaken everything.

“It’s fantastic, and to do it with Flavia — it's unbelievable.”

He also admitted to the newspaper: “Stepping off the dance floor is more painful than leaping off the pommel horse. My heels are killing me. I can’t wait to get the hard shoes off.”

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