Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Kimberley Walsh wants Girls Aloud bandmates to take part


Kimberley Walsh has told her Girls Aloud bandmates to join up for Strictly Come Dancing in the future.

The singer finished as runner up behind Louis Smith on the results at the weekend, and she now wants her pals to see if they can match her.

Speaking to The Sun today, she said: “I’d tell the other girls to go for it. It’s such an incredible experience, it’s been amazing.”

However she added: “You have to be prepared to really embrace it. You have to embrace it for months. If you want to do well and improve, it’s really hard.

“If you do put the time in it’s worth it in the end.”

Kimberley told the newspaper that the past twelve weeks of training had left her fitter than ever and more than ready for Girls Aloud's comeback tour in the new year.

She said: “I haven’t lost weight but I’ve toned up, which is nice, because you’re not even trying.

“I’ll be at a pretty good fitness level now considering the amount of hours I have put in. I’ll definitely be fighting fit coming back for the tour.

“It won’t be a walk in the park but it’ll be easier than usual.”

However all the positives haven't come easy, with Kimberley adding: “I’m bruised and I dislocated one of my ribs.

“This Christmas I’ll be having mince pies and relaxing.”

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