Strictly Come Dancing's Darcey Bussell: 'Dancing is like being in the Army'

Darcey Bussell (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing judge Darcey Bussell reckons being a dancer is just as hard as being in the Army.

The ballet pro claimed that the pressure and intense training have forced her to "sacrifice everything".

The new Strictly judge for this year told the Daily Mail: "You sacrifice everything for the job you do.

"If I had a rebellious phase it was when I was 13, when I had a couple of boyfriends and started to smoke cigarettes.

"After that I didn’t have another boyfriend until I was 17. I gave it all up. I had no time or energy for any other distractions."

Opening up about her childhood, Darcey revealed how being bullied in school has helped her join the Strictly judging line up.

She told the newspaper: " At primary school I was beaten up by girls in my own year. I think they resented the fact that I was happy-go-lucky and, because I was something of a tomboy, I made friends easily with all the boys.

"I look back at the bullying and, while it was horrible to deal with at the time, I don’t see it as all negative. It taught me that not everyone is always going to like me in life. It’s served me well on Strictly. I knew I would get that criticism. I’m big enough to cope with it."

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