Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Lisa Riley turns down exercise DVD offers

Lisa Riley (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 star Lisa Riley has rejected offers to film her own exercise DVDs!

The Emmerdale star has been inundated with offers to front some post-Christmas get fit videos, but has declined the chance.

“I didn’t sign up for slimming, I signed up for dancing," said Lisa. “Every time I’m asked to do something like that, I swear.

“I’d never preach to women about what size they should be. If you don’t love me as I am, I don’t care. If I put on another three stone when Strictly’s over, I’m not bothered.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Lisa hit back at the haters and insisted she was happy with her body.

“The worst thing about being big is that people don’t believe I’m happy,” she told the newspaper. “It’s so annoying. I’m fit, I have a wonderful life, but people think: 'She’ll only be happy if she’s thin.’

“Everyone’s so conformist these days. We’re going to end up all looking like Heinz beans on the shelf, but I don’t want to Heinz, I want to be Crosse & Blackwell.”

Lisa also revealed how she is quick to thank people who brand her fat, explaining: “I just smile and reply: 'Oh, thank you’. That shuts them up. I don’t care. If anything it makes me work harder. I think: 'I’ll show you.’ But I’ve always had a huge amount of confidence.

"Other women don’t, and I want to inspire them just to be themselves. I get letters from overweight women who say because of me they’ve dared walk into M&S and buy the clothes they want to buy, rather than trying to hide away.

"Forty two per cent of British women are a size 16 plus. Why should they be pressurised into paying for Botox and going on diets? Why can’t they hear about real women?”

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This week Strictly Come Dancing is on Saturday 8th December at 6.50pm with the results show on Sunday 9th December at 7.20pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

The remaining six celebrities will be taking on the show's first ever dance fusion challenge, dancing two different dance styles in the same routine.

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