Strictly Come Dancing: Victoria Pendleton struggling with heels

Victoria Pendleton (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing celeb Victoria Pendleton has confessed she's still trying to dance in heels!

The Olympic cyclist admitted that she's finding it difficult to dance at all, let alone in what the show's wardrobe team have been concocting for her.

Speaking to Grazia magazine this month, Victoria recalled her first live performance, which placed her bottom of the leaderboard.

She admitted: "It was so bad. It's hard to remember the steps, look at the camera, keep your head up and smile. I think, 'How am I meant to do this all at once?' It's a difficult skill and I struggle with heels because I've never really worn them.

"My feet really hurt and I have cramp all the time."

The Olympic gold medalist, who picked up three medals at the London 2012 games this summer, revealed how actor Colin Salmon had given her some words of advice.

Vicky explained: "I was so annoyed with myself. Then one of the other contestants, Colin Salmon, told me not to be so hard on myself. He said, 'You're not good enough to get angry with yourself.'

"That was such good advice. If this was my job and I blew it, then fine, but I've only been learning for three weeks."

Let's hope it all goes well for Vicky this evening!

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