Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Victoria Pendleton 'could be amazing' says Harry Judd

Victoria Pendleton (Strictly Come Dancing)

Former Strictly Come Dancing winner Harry Judd has said that Victoria Pendleton could be amazing... if she gets over her nerves.

The Olympic cyclist struggled in her first live show with partner Brendan Cole, forgetting her routine to her cha cha.

McFly star Harry said: "Victoria Pendleton has got a lot of potential.

"And she hasn’t nearly fulfilled that potential. She did better this week but I could tell she was still nervous and she needs to conquer that because she could be incredible."

But asked what tips he would give the cyclist, the former Strictly champ told The Sun: "You’d have thought I’d be asking her because she has nerves of steel when she’s performing as an athlete.

"I suffered from nerves terribly when I did Strictly but I think nerves are a good thing, you have to embrace them, accept that they’re there and try and use them to your advantage.

"They get you focused so it’s about not letting the nerves get the better of you, suck it all in and just go for it.

"Tell yourself ‘I can do this, Come on!’ It’s like a sport, you have to take it seriously because if you don’t, you do badly."

He added: "Victoria is obviously doing her best but I’m looking forward to seeing her when she is at her best because I think she has real potential."

[cat c="strictly come dancing"]Strictly Come Dancing[/cat] continues this Saturday and Sunday as Strictly goes to Hollywood for a movie themed night!

Johnny Ball became the first celeb to be eliminated last Sunday, and this weekend will see another star get the axe!

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