Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Dani Harmer has given up sex and booze!

Dani Harmer (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing star Dani Harmer has given up booze and sex to focus on the show.

We find it hard to even imagine the Tracy Beaker star doing such a thing!

But she revealed: "The only man in my life now is Vincent and I'm quite happy with that.

"I'm not thinking about meeting guys, just about the dance steps. Strictly takes over your life and that was one of the factors why I split up with my boyfriend. I want to be able to concentrate more. I won't be going out boozing either but I might have a glass of wine to relax after the show."

However the 23-year-old blabbed that her Strictly rivals weren't as focused on the show!

Naming and shaming, Dani revealed: "I don't know how Michael Vaughan and Sid Owen go out boozing. You need everything, every brain cell and every muscle. There is no way you can do that and do well in Strictly."

The child actor also revealed in a chat with the Daily Mirror that she had rebelled against the BBC while working at the BBC.

"There were all sorts of things that were not allowed. It's the BBC. I did rebel for a bit, not hard drugs but a bit of tattooing," she said. "I got my first tattoo when I was 15. I was between 18 and 20 when I got the others. Mum hates them.

"I had one detention at school and that was for having my belly button pierced. I was about 14."

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 continues this weekend with the third live show. Johnny Ball became the first celeb to be eliminated last Sunday, and this Sunday will see another star get the axe!

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