Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Denise Van Outen can't wait for some sexy routines!

Denise Van Outen (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing's Denise Van Outen has said she can't wait for some sexy Latin dances!

The West End star impressed with a Waltz on Friday night's first live show, scoring top marks from the judges.

But Denise confessed she couldn't wait to get her teeth into some more raunchier routines with pro partner James Jordan.

She said: "I am really looking forward to the sexy Latin dances because I feel like I’m more suited to them. Personality wise, it’s more of a match.

“There’s more to get your teeth into and you can be a bit sexy. I like more fast-paced styles because I’ve got a lot of energy and I want to use it."

Speaking to The Sun about her first live performance at the weekend, Denise went on: “I always thought the waltz was a nice dance for a couple to share an intimate moment but you don’t even look at each other throughout.

“Where’s the romance in that, I ask you? I showed Lee my waltz on Skype and realised afterwards he’d gone off to make a cup of tea — so much for the dance being sexy.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 continues next Saturday night on BBC One, with all of the celebs performing their second dance. The first results show will follow on Sunday, with one celeb getting the boot!

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