Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Brendan Cole nervous training with Victoria Pendleton

Victoria Pendleton (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing pro dancer Brendan Cole has confessed he's nervous about training with Victoria Pendleton!

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Brendan confessed he was worried about pushing the Olympic star too far in rehearsals.

"I had a tear in my eye when she won that gold. What a feat," Brendan told the newspaper about Victoria's London 2012 victory.

He explained: "She is a very deep character and it will be interesting to see that on the show.

"It makes me a bit nervous, to be honest, and I am handling her with little gloves at the moment because I am not sure how far to push."

And Brendan suggested that Victoria's cycling prowess could go against her in the ballroom.

He said: "Her sport is power-based. It is all explosive energy. But it is one dimensional as opposed to being three dimensional like dancing.

"If I work out with her in the gym, she is so intense and focused and powerful - she leaves me for dead.

"Yet put her in my world and it is completely the opposite of what she is used to."

Victoria added to the newspaper: "I have spent my whole life since I was a child trying to be strong and rigid and powerful. Everything had to be very linear. Your core needs to be strong and stable, you are not wasting any energy on lateral movement because you don't want that.

"So everything I have tried to train out of myself, I am now trying to train back in. It is going to take time."

The [cat]Strictly Come Dancing[/cat] 2012 live shows start this Friday on BBC One, and continue on Saturday.

Fortunately for the celebs, there will be no elimination this Sunday, with their scores being carried over to the second week.

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