Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Johnny Ball: 'I'm not a novelty act'

Johnny Ball (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 star Johnny Ball has insisted he's going to be taking the show seriously.

Speaking ahead of the first live show this Friday, the 74-year-old said he wouldn't be playing the part of a "clown" on the series.

"I don't see myself as the novelty older person or clown figure. I really think I can compete in terms of dancing," he said this week. "I'm the oldest contestant ever but I want to convince people I am not the age I am."

Johnny, who is now partnered with Lithuanian pro dancer Iveta Lukosiute, continued: "I want to do well irrespective of my age - I want to show if you keep fit and make an effort you can do amazing things regardless of what the number tell you.

"I read an article about how dancing can keep Alzheimer's at bay so maybe that's what I'm doing."

But Johnny wasn't too confident about winning the show, or getting close to the final.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he added: "If I win, it means they've put 13 stumblebums up against me. At this stage I don't know if anyone expects to win, we're all just settling in.

The [cat c="strictly come dancing"]Strictly Come Dancing 2012[/cat] live shows start this Friday on BBC One, and continue on Saturday.

Fortunately for the celebs, there will be no elimination this Sunday, with their scores being carried over to the second week.

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