Strictly Come Dancing: Fern Britton says no to revealing outfits!

Fern Britton (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing star Fern Britton has said she won't be trying to squeeze into any revealing outfits just yet!

"I won't be going too skimpy to start with," Fern said.

However, after three weeks of training down, she teased: "But I could be worn down to a size zero after a week, in which case the costumes might get shorter."

The Strictly live shows start this Friday night, and Fern said she couldn't wait to embrace the show.

She said: "Whenever anyone is worried they are going over the top with the costumes, hair, make-up or glitter, the line is - 'Of course not, this is Strictly!'"

Chatting her first training diary this week, Fern revealed: "We’re doing the Cha Cha Cha. It’s a rather lovely dance, I think all Latin dances are fabulous but I didn’t appreciate how hard it is to learn.

"Artem is teaching me every move perfectly, I like the way he’s teaching me, he’s very patient, he’s very kind, he’s taking it step by step. I’m very fond of him already."

And 30-year-old Artem added: "I think me and Fern are getting on very well, she’s got very nice feet!"

The [cat]Strictly Come Dancing[/cat] live shows start on October 5 on BBC One.

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