Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Michael Vaughan's wife laughs at his dance moves!

Michael Vaughan (Strictly Come Dancing)

Strictly Come Dancing star Michael Vaughan has revealed his wife can't help but laugh at his dance moves!

The former England cricket captain will no doubt be hoping to impress her when the live shows start off on Friday night, but there does appear to be an uphill struggle for Michael, who admitted: “I am a typical lad. I get a stool at the bar, I’ll sing along and have a laugh, I might get up to do some stupid moves, but nothing serious.

"I’d never stood on a smooth dance floor before Strictly. The only dance floors I know are sticky, with Guinness all over them.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph however, Michael revealed that the show had already taken over his life!

"When I saw the buzz Robbie [Savage] got from Strictly, I was intrigued. We were doing the Question of Sport tour and he was dancing in the green room," he said. "Now I’m a fortnight in and I totally understand. I can’t stop thinking about Strictly. When I’m listening to music in the car, I’m thinking, 'Would this tune be a good one to waltz to?’"

And Michael confessed that the live shows will be a "terrifying experience" when they start in just a few days time.

He told the newspaper: "It’ll be the most terrifying experience of my life. I always got a real buzz from a big cricket game, but I’d been playing cricket since I was eight.”

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